Our Story

Experience the transformative essence of Masterpiece Pilates, born from the vision of Jean Magrella and Frederico Nogueira, devoted Pilates instructors. Jean, a South Florida pioneer with 25+ years of expertise, inspires countless individuals to achieve fitness goals and educates aspiring instructors. Frederico, a reformer maestro and instructor for 20+ years, offers safe and tailored classes. Together, we craft an exceptional Pilates haven. Elevate your flexibility, strength, balance, and posture—regardless of your level—through their thoughtfully designed classes and private sessions. More than a studio, Masterpiece Pilates forms a spirited community focused on holistic, active lifestyles.

In Delray Beach, a 16-year-old aspiring model, Frederico Nogueira, walked into a small studio with his mother and sister. There, he met Jean Magrella, his personal trainer, and their transformative journey began. Over four years, Jean became both a mentor and friend, obtaining certification in the Joseph Pilates Classical Method. Inspired by Pilates, Frederico pursued certification in New York City after a rigorous 600-hour apprenticeship.

Jean transitioned her clients to Pilates, launching a successful studio that Frederico joined as an instructor upon his return. The business thrived, outgrowing its space multiple times, attracting clients seeking the expertise of Jean, Frederico, and other talented instructors. In 2017, Jean sold the business to pursue new opportunities, but her friendship with Frederico persisted, and they continued as individual Pilates instructors.

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Frederico established his unique studio, Masterpiece Pilates, in spring 2022. Guided by Jean’s unwavering mentorship, he invited her to join him as a partner in January 2023, marking a moment of beautiful full-circle synergy.

The 20-year journey of Frederico Nogueira and Jean Magrella culminates in the inspiring collaboration of Masterpiece Pilates—a serene sanctuary where instructors, dedicated to the Classical Pilates Method, provide detailed, personal attention to both new and long-term clients.

Freddy & Jean – 1999

Our Values

Master Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in Pilates. They are passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health and well-being.

Personalized Attention

We believe that everyone is an individual, and we tailor our instruction to meet the specific needs of each client.


We believe that Pilates is more than just a workout. Beyond the positive impact on the lives of our clients, the connections we build create a far-reaching supportive and welcoming environment.

Frederico Nogueira

With an extensive Pilates teaching background spanning more than two decades, Freddy brings a hands-on approach to his classes, fostering a truly personalized experience within the studio setting. Whether you’re a Pilates novice or a seasoned pro, Freddy meets you precisely at your level, ensuring a safe yet exhilarating journey towards remarkable results. Instantly captivated by Pilates, he witnessed its profound ability to empower individuals to unlock their fullest potential, regardless of their starting point.

“I love immersing individuals in the practice of Pilates, to help revolutionize others’ body structure, confidence, outlook. The benefits are transformative”

– Frederico

Jean Magrella

A trailblazer of Pilates in South Florida, Jean spearheaded the spread of this versatile and transformative exercise modality. Her profound dedication extends beyond her own success, as she has mentored and supported fellow Pilates instructors in launching thriving studios and advancing their careers. Passionate about facilitating personal growth, Jean goes above and beyond to uplift and empower individuals in every possible way. As a revered instructor and esteemed bodywork practitioner, she guides people towards their wellness and fitness aspirations, unveiling paths to strength and harmony.

“Witnessing the remarkable evolution of clients, from their first week to years later, fills me with indescribable joy.”

– Jean