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A Pilates instructor for more than 20+ years, Frederico Nogueira instantly fell in love with the practice for its ability to help people achieve their best from any point in their personal journey.

“Way back when, when I started to experience Pilates in my own body,” Freddy says, “the results I saw and felt were astonishing. Not only did it sculpt my physique, it also improved the structure of my body. It made me much more confident as well.”

Pilates is renowned for helping correct muscular imbalance and improve posture, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility—as well as increasing breathing capacity and stimulating circulation.

“I became passionate about learning how to teach Pilates so that others could experience what I had. It is so rewarding to witness the evolution of a client, from week one to a few months or a year later. Helping them achieve and exceed their expectations is beyond exciting.”

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